K & M Hindu wedding 001

K & M - Hindu Wedding

Although the actual wedding ceremony took place on 13th May, the actual days before played an equally important part of the wedding.

In the afternoon of 9th  May was the Janya Ceremony which was a pre-wedding event for the groom.  It  involved an Indian priest (‘Mahraj’) reciting the ‘Guru Mantra’ in front of guests who wore  beautiful dresses and garments.This was followed in the evening by the Engagement party which took place at the stunning Amura Restaurant in Puerto Calero.


11th May in the afternoon was the Mehendi.                                                   

Henna was applied in intricate designs to the hands and feet of the bride-to-be by a female relative. This is a festive event attended by female relatives of the prospective bride and her close friends, which took place in the grounds of the Hesperia Hotel.


On the evening of 11th May was the Sangeet (which means dancing)  This was also held at the Hesperia Hotel, and was a bright and colourful occasion.  The chair sashes were a mixture of orange and cerise, and the hanging lanterns with lights were also a mix of orange and cerise.On each table we did an arrangement of 3 tall cylinder vases of different heights with a different flower in each.  The flowers were submersed in water and had a large floating candle on top.  Again the colours were orange and cerise.  Orange flowers on the tables with the cerise sashes and cerise flowers on the tables with orange sashes. The family’s performed dances which were choreographed (which all had special meanings)

WEDDING DAY                                        

The actual wedding ceremony took place on 13th May on the grass verge overlooking the ocean at the Hesperia Hotel.  The Mendap (the structure where the ceremony takes place) was decorated with thousands of red and white flowers.  The bride and groom sat under the Mendap on elaborate chairs with their immediate family at the sides.  The rest of the guests sat outside of the Mendap.

The wedding dinner was a very elegant affair with over 200 guests.  The colour scheme for this was gold.  The chair sashes were gold satin, and each table had an arrangement of a tall 55cm wine glass with a flower ball and crystals hanging from the glass which sat on a mirror plate with candles and diamante crystal table confetti.