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Laurie and Chris' Wedding

The wedding of Laurie & Chris took place on 16 June, down at the El Mirador Restaurant in Playa Blanca, a modern minimalistic Restaurant overlooking the ocean, organized by The Lanzarote Wedding Planner, Lindsey Stonier.

Laurie, being a former florist in the UK knew she wanted only the best (and my personal favourite) Phalaenopsis Orchids, which she chose in a Cerise colour which flowed from the bouquet right through to the venue decoration.

For her bouquet, Laurie decided upon a Cascading Bouquet, which is perfect for Orchids.  Chris had a single Orchid as his Button hole.  For the Guest Tables we went for tall vases with the Orchids Cascading from them.

The ceremony took place on the terrace overlooking out to sea, which our Arch using artificial Cerise Orchids (due to extreme heat and direct intense sun, fresh orchids would not have been happy)

The head table, the all important table, we went for a low design so that not only could the guests have a full view of Laurie & Chris, but more importantly they could see their guests enjoying themselves.  This we achieved with a larger centre mirror cube vase (mirrors reflexing the light) and had two stems of orchids cascading from the centre outwards and the tips of the orchids touching the next set of orchids in mirror cubes.

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